Furnishing Inspiration:

Everything Old (Can be!) New Again


It’s true. Everything old really CAN be new again! Current trends in home furnishings certainly make this point, with many wonderful old pieces being restored and revived to enjoy a second life. In the hands of a skilled artisan, it’s amazing what new hardware, paint and a few tools can do.

And while some people may prefer all-new furnishings, more and more people are coming to appreciate the value—both monetary and aesthetic—that older pieces of furniture can provide. Simply put, they are often better made than their contemporary counterparts. And they are certainly more interesting!


Refinished furniture provides the perfect opportunity to mix old with new and give your space a hip, eclectic vibe. And with today’s advanced options in paint finishes, refinished furnishings are often a case of history meets technology.

Plus, since they do not require any new resources to be harvested, they are also an eco-friendly choice. Something that’s appreciated year-round, but especially as Earth Day approaches on April 22.

Recently, I’ve been blessed to take a hands-on role in this renaissance of furniture restoration as a Maker Boss with A Makers’ Story. The only organization of its kind, A Makers’ Story empowers artisans to create and make a difference in hearts and homes.

“I delight in creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. And as I work, I always wonder about the previous owner’s life, and about the home that will welcome it next and hope it brings them joy, as well.”

One particularly remarkable aspect of furniture restoration is not just the refinishing that takes place, but also the repurposing that often accompanies it. An antique dresser makes for a much more interesting media stand! And you can shake things up by turning grandma’s china hutch into a unique baby changing station—or even a chic home bar, if granny would approve. Breathe new life into a chest of drawers from a bygone era by making it a beautiful new vanity that is sure to be a bathroom focal point.

So if you’ve inherited antiques or sentimental pieces, but they are just not your style? Call on an expert to customize them into something that is a perfect fit.

Inspired to find a “new” old piece? Stay tuned…Some will be for sale here soon!

Posted on April 11, 2018 .