Coloring YOU Happy!


Online Consulting Service Brings Rainbow of Possibilities

SPRING is in the air! And as anyone who knows me can tell you, Spring is my favorite season! (Living in Asheville, I love Fall, too, of course, but that is another matter!) With Spring, the renewal of life, all of God’s colors bloom anew and give our view a vibrancy we may have forgotten in the gloom of winter.

I get this same sense of bubbly energy anytime I work with clients to pick the perfect colors for their homes. Whether it is creating the ideal interior paint color palette or crafting a color plan for a home’s exterior, helping a space spring to life brings me joy.

I am elated to now offer Online Virtual Consultation—which means I can share my talents with clients in any location!

The process is super simple, fun and FAST! Clients need only send me their info/photos, and—PRESTO!—I create a detailed custom design. Since everything is done online, the whole process is expedited and affordable.

Some people are blessed with the gift of a “designer’s eye”, but even those color-savvy among us have probably experienced “painters remorse”. You know, being stuck with a color you don’t like once it’s on the wall! Or, for the ambitious types, it may mean doing double-duty: reselecting and repainting, fingers crossed!


And while paint may be one of the least expensive investments you can make to dramatically change your space, it’s a bummer to see your invested time and expense go to waste—a BIG bummer!

Whether you are a DIY-er or opt to hire a pro, expert advice on the selection end of your project will save you time, money and potential regret. It’s an investment in peace of mind that is sure to COLOR YOU HAPPY! Plus, it will leave you with more time to enjoy the gorgeous garden blooms!

Posted on March 23, 2018 .