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If you are seeking to redecorate, renovate or re-energize the look and feel of your new home construction or fixer upper, you have been led to the right place!

Sheri Rose, Freelance New Home Construction & Fixer Upper Interior Finish Design & Color Consultant (God Gift), has over two decades of experience helping clients create HAPPY spaces. 

As a licensed interior designer professional and color expert, Sheri Rose offers a wide array of services to infuse colorful HAPPINESS into your home. In addition to color and design consulting, her specialties frugal yet fabulous décor shopping services.

A lifelong color and design enthusiast, Asheville Interior Designer Sheri Rose shares her talents with her Color Me Happy Home clients and also as the Crew Leader of Biltmore Sporting Clays Club.

Whether a project entails redesigning one wall, one room or an entire home, Sheri Rose's goal is to make every client HAPPY. She believes that everyone deserves a home that is an inspired, peaceful sanctuary. Clients particularly appreciate Sheri's dedication to providing outstanding service at the most affordable price possible.  

"My prayer for each project is to create inspired surroundings my clients, while helping their home shine with HAPPINESS. I look forward to helping you achieve HAPPY hues, HAPPY views and a HAPPY you!"


A Solid Foundation: Faith & Family

Above all, I am a believer in Christ Jesus. God is my guide each waking moment, and He has blessed me in abundance with a fulfilling life.

Most of all, I am most grateful and blessed Steward & Mom of my daughter, Kayla Maree`, and our three pampered pooches all inspire and delight me each day. 

Sheri Rose - Asheville's New Home Construction & Fixer Upper Interior Designer, Finish & Color Consultant


The Road to Happiness:

Life is a Path Paved with Inspiration

I believe there are blessings to be found in every view, in every hue, every day. 

Life is a journey, not a destination. The breathtaking scenery of God's watercolors provide a most inspiring backdrop to our travels, while the people placed in our path give us the opportunity to grow.

My journey to Asheville, North Carolina, began with visits to the awe-inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains and the extraordinary Biltmore® Estate beginning in 1981...I was destined and called to Asheville to be my home this side of heaven.

I have been led with purpose, and at this moment am exactly where God wants me to be, creating HAPPY surroundings. Each day I strive to be a source of inspiration where ever I can, whether through my work or by simply showing kindness where it is needed.  

In my off time, I still live and breathe color and design as they are a true source of HAPPINESS for me! I also enjoy spending time with my family, building relationships and entertaining. Some of my other favorite things are music, gardening, gourmet cooking, traveling and outdoor adventures.

Be inspired, so that you may inspire.
blessed, so that you may be a blessing.
embraced, so that you may be a friend.
passionate…or don’t do it at all.

And always let your light shine for all the world to see!

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